Meet Kaméa Chayne - The Next Big Sustainability Influencer

Kaméa Chayne, creators of Green Dreamer podcast.

Kaméa Chayne, creators of Green Dreamer podcast.


At times, sustainability can feel like a buzzword representing an unachievable goal — until you listen to Kaméa Chayne’s podcast, Green Dreamer. “There’s so much doom and gloom in sustainability and activism, and reasonably so, with the devastation and global issues that we face.” To counter our natural proclivity towards negative news, Kaméa decided to turn the concept of sustainability into something digestible and attainable. Her podcast episodes feature countless inspiring sustainability advocates including Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and Soil and Shadow’s CEO, Nikki Silvestri.

What drove Kaméa’s interest in sustainability? While always a strong environmental advocate, one book helped her understand the real impact we have on our environment as individuals. The Ecologist Guide to Fashion by Ruth Styles opened her eyes to the issue of fast fashion. “I loved fashion in college as a way of creative self-expression. But being a fast fashion addict and learning the environmental impact of the industry helped me see that the choices I make have environmental impacts and that I personally have a role in sustainability. The price of fast fashion has become so cheap. It’s hard to comprehend how a cotton t-shirt that took months to grow and harvest, to be processed, dyed and weaved into fabric by workers and then transported to retail, can be only $5. Clearly, there are social and environmental costs not factored in to that equation.” Recognizing that our health, wellbeing and environment are deeply interconnected, she decided to set aside some time to reflect on broader sustainability practices.

In 2016, she published her book “Thrive: An environmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth” - which pieces together how we can live more sustainably for our mental, physical and environmental health. Creating a podcast was a natural progression for Kaméa, allowing her to continue learning and inspiring others to be more mindful of their wellbeing and everyday decisions.

“I want people to learn about changemakers who are contributing to social and environmental good, and feel inspired to contribute in their own unique ways. There’s a lot of good being done, and everyone’s participation is valuable.”

Kaméa’s ultimate goal? Creating unity through shared sustainable values. She hopes to realize “a more peaceful world by helping people find the humanity in others. We have a lot more in common than we think. As humans, we all need clean air, clean water, biodiverse, healthy environments, social support, and a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves. I hope to unite people based on our shared human values. Working towards a more sustainable future will not only be better for our earth’s health, but it will also improve all of our wellbeing and enrich our lives.”

Kaméa Chayne, creator of Green Dreamer podcast.

Kaméa Chayne, creator of Green Dreamer podcast.

Kaméa’s sustainable shopping tips

  • Buy less, buy better. Think about your needs versus your wants. Avoid impulse purchases – wait a week or two.

  • Shop second hand when possible. It’s also a lot cheaper.

  • Research brands and what they’re all about. Look at their about page, manufacturing practices and commitment to sustainability.

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